Ann's Wilderlands of High Fantasy Pathfinder Game

The Battle for Iffing

This post is highly condensed and represents about five months of real time, though only about a month or so of game time. The majority of the action centers around what at first seems to be the bandits, who are hiding on the outskirts of Iffing and represent an on-going menace. A fairly easily contained one, however.

There is a general impression around town that the leadership of the bandits is in Castle Redwraith. On the other hand, the leaders of the Castle are well-known to be very good, upright people.

Finally a rebellion, that has been secretly been brewing for a long time in Iffing, rises to the surface in a full-blown attack. The rebels, who seem to be in two groups – one wears blue armbands and the other red – combine to force most of the populace into the castle. They ravage and loot the town. Particularly of note to the defenders is the fact that the rebels seem to be killing even the non-combatants rather than just simply trying to take over. The “blues” are under the leadership of Arminius of Iffing while the “reds” are mostly the bandits.

There are several major battles. The loyalist forces are victorious but at great cost. The aftermath is this: Both leaders of the town, Ishkarata and General Zar are dead. This leaves the leadership in the hands of Zar’s long-time friend Colonel Akbar. The town itself was burned to the ground and more than two-thirds of the people are dead. The rebels do seem to be crushed and several of their powerful leaders killed, though some, including the quisling Lieutenant Arminius, escaped.

A decision is made to send Seeing Hawk’s Rangers (the PC’s) to Handesh. That town was destroyed some time ago by the bandits. Their mission is to talk to the people there and see if they would be interested in pooling both shattered populations together into one community.



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