Ann's Wilderlands of High Fantasy Pathfinder Game

Beginning the Game

I took over the campaign from another DM, who ran a couple of sessions. The group is a loose band of mercenaries and adventurers thrown together by chance. A couple hired on the losing side in a war and fled across the desert. They were pursued by the victorious forces encountered small ruins with lizardmen, goblins and undead.

Another player was both lucky and unlucky. He was captured by bandits, who took all his stuff and left him buried up to his neck in the sand. Fortunately the other players stumbled upon him and one of them had a shovel….

The group reached the coast where the idea was to find a ship and sail to another continent. They found a village where only the women and defenseless remained and were the prisoners of a small group of bandits. The players defeated the bandits and rescued the villagers.



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