Ann's Wilderlands of High Fantasy Pathfinder Game

Ambush the Bandit Camp

A half-orc named Ogak brings a message from a group led by an elf warrior (Laurel), who also has been helping the villagers against the bandits. Ogak tells Karl and Dal that they have been tracking and scouting the bandits and know the location of their camp.

The two groups come together and agree to ambush the bandits, who are located about four hours march on foot in a wooded area. The plan is for Karl to charge loudly into their midst while the orcs shoot arrows, Dal casts his spells, and Ogak joins the fray.

The plan is a complete success and the bandits are killed or routed. A chest of treasure is found. Also of interest, all of the bandits seem to have armbands with the markings of Castle Redwraith, leading the group to believe the bandits are from that area. The treasure is split after some disagreement between the orcs and Karl. The elf and the orcs go their own way and the group decides to travel to Iffing in order to gain more information about this trouble with the bandits.

So now the party is three with Ogak joining Dal and Karl. Ogak promised to "help them in their quests if the two PC’s help against the bandits.

Players Attending: Dal, Karl Kantin, Ogak
XP: 500 Each



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